Caramulo Art and Classic Vintage Car Museum is just a short scenic drive away, you can appreciate a Picasso and a Rolls Royce there! Its wonderful mountain range also offers some of the most typical Portuguese villages and stunning views of Central North Portugal.

Enjoy the numerous walking trails that can be found just outside our front door and surrounding areas! The marked 7.5km “Orange Tree Route” proves to be very popular amongst walkers and mountain bikers. The longer 9km “Linen Route” is also great to relax, enjoy nature and explore traditional villages and ways of life.

Ecopista do Dão is 10 minutes from us. The old railway between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu is now a 49km path perfect for cycling, walking and admiring nature. Vineyards, old railway station, tunnels, bridges and a beautiful scenery awaits you at the heart of the Dão wine region.

10km away from Casa do Cabeço, Estrada Nacional 2 is the largest Portuguese road and the third longest road in the world in terms of completely crossing a country, in this case Portugal from north to south, from Chaves to Faro in a total of 738 km. Traveling on Estrada Nacional 2 is an excellent opportunity to get to know the country, learn about its history, culture, traditions and gastronomy.

20 mins drive from the house is the city of Viseu with its beautiful cathedral, churches and museums. Do not skip a well worthy visit to the Grão Vasco Museum and loose yourself in the medieval historic centre with its narrow streets and traditional shops!

The historical Coimbra and its ancient university (one of the oldest in Europe) is less than an hour away. The beautiful 18th century Joanina Library is a must. Feel the buzzing university life around the city and experience the Coimbra Fado in the enchanting old town! Visit the ruins of the ancient roman city of Conímbriga as well!

Tondela is only a few kilometres away. Take some time to visit the Terra de Besteiros museum to explore and learn about the past, present and future of the land of Besteiros region and its inhabitants. Around the corner you can also find the 18th century old Fonte de Sereia water fountain.

Known as the “Portuguese Venice” Aveiro is an hour drive from Casa do Cabeço. There is plenty to discover there: The old picturesque town with its water canals and painted gondola styled boats; the long sandy coastline and unspoilt beaches of Costa Nova; delicious seafood and fish restaurants; food markets, etc.

The old town of Lamego (1 hr away) offers much to do: From visiting the renowned pilgrimage church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, the 11th century old castle, the gothic cathedral, etc. to tasting worldwide awarded wines at 300 year old Quinta da Pacheca.

Amazing day trips from Casa do Cabeço to the city of Porto and the Douro region, the templar castle of Tomar or the wonderful Serra da Estrela and its ski resort will definitely not disappoint anyone.


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